Dipongo is the first creative app for personalized stories mixing real and virtual worlds.

On tablets and smartphones, Dipongo allows kids to be less passive and more self-sufficient. In fact children must create, draw, build, mold to get the sequel of the stories …original solutions that will pop up on the screen and make the adventure go on.

We have fun with Dipongo but it is also serious! Yes, all our stories are co-authored with childhood and creativity professionals. The committee endorses our fantastic stories’ power to awake children’s creativity, nourishing their imagination and supporting their learning process.


At school, Dipongo makes you travel. Kids are actors and take part in the adventure, it awakens their imagination and creativity to learn in a group. The link between real and virtual is awesome !

- Catherine Marcel -

I love it when my own creation pops up in Dipongo stories to help Edgar and Gaston. It’s really cool I can invent all I want and see my friends’ ideas.

- Tom -
6 years

It makes the child think differently, he can express himself as he pleases, which is not necessarily the case with today’s games.


- Pauline Desramault -

This graphic and poetic universe makes my kids wonder and suppresses my guilty feeling when I hand them the tablet. It is incredible to see how far their imaginations can go !

- Matthieu -
Erwan & Louison’s father

Dipongo’s tribe




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