The creative app for kids from 4 to 9

Dipongo offers personalized stories mixing both virtual and real worlds. It’s up to the child to draw, mold and build… to get the sequel of his story on the screen !

Dive into fantastic universes.

Follow the adventures of little companions, such as Edgar the Fox in the wonderful jungle, through creative stories

All of a sudden the story stops !

You and your fellow encounter an issue. You will have to solve it to continue the story.


Exit the screen to imagine a solution.

Drawing, modeling, building, collage, …  It’s your turn to create ! Create an original solution to continue the story.

Oh! Your solution appears in the story.

Once you have photographed your creation, it is instantly integrated into the story.

Thanks to you, the story continues.

Congratulations ! Edgar can join his friends thanks to your solution.

Together you can continue to explore this colorful jungle and solve fun challenges.

And you are not the only little creative adventurer.

You can also see all the ideas other kids imagine and the little notes they left for Dipongo.

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The interactive game reconnecting kids to the real world

The interactive book that reconnects kids to the real world, Dipongo combines the application and the book to offer a new digital use and a different learning. Dipongo aims at showing that it is possible to create bonds and share friendly moments with digital games.






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